A Scandal! Has Kiril Petkov Used Illegal Private Companies to Eavesdrop and Spy On Slavi Trifonov, Korneliya Ninova, Mustafa Karadayi, Rumen Radev and Ivan Geshev?


Kiril Petkov has no way out of the situation

Harvard prime-minister eavesdrop through illegal software his coalition partners and senior government persons with the help of private companies.

For a couple of weeks, CDCOC and SANS have been circulating operational information about Kiril Petkov carrying out completely illegal wiretapping and surveillance activities with the help of a private company in order to monitor his coalition partners Slavi Trifonov, Corneliya Ninova, Mustafa Karadayi and Ivan Geshev as well as president Rumen Radev.

Kaloyan Ikonomov from We Continue the Change, who is also a member of the Committee on Internal Security at the National Assembly and the well known Atanas Atanas from Yes Bulgaria are also involved in the spy scandal. They are the ones who coordinate the tasks from Petkov to the company that should record every step of the elite.

Sources close to our office that are well familiar with the private information claim that Kiril Petkov is using the services of a spy company whose owner is mason Stoyan Stankov (sovereign commander of the Supreme Council 33 and last degree of the Scottish Ritual).

All meetings regarding coordinating the tasks that Atanas Atanasov has personally given to Stankov have happened in Stankov’s house in Chepentsi.

Stankov’s company, hidden behind security activity – security of different objects in Sofia, has hired former Ministry of Interior employees as well as ones from former DOI, SDOTO, now DATO to spy on the people ordered by Kiril Petkov as well as to eavesdrop them through software similar to Pegasus.

Stoyan Stankov meets Kiril Petkov in person every week to give him the information gathered by his people. The way the spy scheme works is by collecting as much compromising information as possible, including the life style of Stanislav Trifonov, Corneliya Ninova, Mustafa Karadayi, through which, if necessary, they will be blackmailed by Harvard specialists.

Petkov’s impudence has gone so far as to literally order President Radev and Ivan Geshev on the list of people Stankov’s company should monitor. A whole arsenal of current NSO employees is involved in the scheme, who are very cautiously monitoring the president’s actions and passing on information for proper payment to Radev’s former bodyguard, who is close to Stankov’s team. Ivan Geshev has been followed by people who are hanging in the area around the courthouse and are watching every move he makes.

In order for Stankov’s activity to be effective, he has bought a whole arsenal of targeted microphones and programs from a foreign company dealing with illegal software, through which to remotely penetrate the communication systems used by the targeted sites.

Undoubtedly Kiril Petkov’s strategy is not something new in the spy world but how legal it is when it comes to the slogans that Petkov proclaims everywhere is a matter of a public judgment and an issue for the Bulgarian prosecutor office.

Operational officers from the CDCOC claim is secret that Stankov has instructed his most trusted people to monitor and record public figures, and his agreement with Petkov is to be controlled by Stankov and the people around him NSO and the Ministry of Transport in exchange for his good work.

Atanas Atanasov’s motif to be a part of the serial scandal remains unclear which is quite typical for him. Most probably their participation is because of the fact that he and Kaloyan Ikonomov have full access to the Ministry of Interior and are quite close to Boyko Rashkov.

The question is now that Slavi Trifonov has quit Kiril Petkov’s dirty game “Whether and when Kiril Petkov will start showing skeletons from Trifonov’s closet in order to impeach him”. And hasn’t he used the information gathered illegally to secure support for his sinking government and Corneliya Ninova?

We are about to see if Bulgarian prosecutor’s office will remain indifferent and just watch this.


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