For the Attention of CACIAF and SANS: Vice Minister of Transport Krasimir Papukchiyski Has Stolen Over 32 M BGN from Bulgarian State Railways


A partner of his daughter won а solid public procurement from National Company Railway Infrastructure while her father was its director

A brazen, heinous and sewn-with-white-threads scheme for draining the already wretched Bulgarian railway transport was hatched by the CACIAF and the subordinate State Agency for National Security of President Rumen Radev, according to a reference in the register. In gratitude that more than BGN 32 million have expired from the budget of the NCRI, its former boss has been appointed to be acting deputy minister of transport in Galab Donev’s office.

17 public procurements at total cost of 32 063 924,208 M BGN were approved by the management of the National Company Railway Infrastructure in favor of the private company “Next Level Commercial” EOOD for the period 2016-2021, according to an editorial check in the register of 202726806. This is the place to express our admiration for the work of investigative journalists from the media, who have created software that collects and summarizes the scattered and hard-to-access data about where the money of the native and European taxpayer goes.

Georgi Hristov Angelov and Svetoslav Zhelyazkov Atanasov are owners of the private company. From the public data in the Commercial Register, it is clearly visible that Georgi Angelov is a partner with the daughter of Deputy Minister Krasimir Papukchiiski, Kristina Krasimirova Hristova, EGN 990109**** in “Belashtitsa Properties” OOD, which deals with real estate. According to the law, the daughter is a person directly related to a beneficiary of money from the native railways, and in particularly large amounts. The most scandalous thing is that some of the sums were written off by Christina’s father in his capacity as the director of NKŽI. Before heading the department imbued with impure financial interests, Papukchiiski was responsible for the absorption and distribution of funds from European and local programs and projects, including for public procurement again in the railway company. What’s more, his daughter is the proud owner of “Rail Commerce-1” EOOD, where she was a partner with her father until before he took a senior government position. After his appointment, he hands over his share to the little cutie, who is pretty good at handling the material side of life, as evidenced by her documentary commitments. A perfectly closed circle!

On 31.05.2021, Papukchiiski confirmed with his signature a transfer of BGN 1,274,000.00 to “Next Level” for the supply of equipotential string terminals, based on the concluded framework agreement No. 11298/10.12.2021. On 31.03.2020, another BGN 797,240.64 went to the daughter’s partner in fulfillment of another framework agreement. On 31.09.2021, the sweet BGN 5.257 million were translated by NKŽI for the supply of bronze ropes. Another BGN 1.8 million was hired in 2017 by Georgi Angelov, again for the supply of ropes and wires for the network. For the same in 2018, the company received BGN 2,912,001. In 2019, the transfer was for a new BGN 3,725,881.60. In 2020, “Next Level Commercial” literally hit (we apologize) “g*za in the ceiling” ”, receiving the fabulous 11,116,104 BGN, of course again for ropes and network wires. 10 months earlier, on 10/02/2020, the partner of Mrs. Papukchiyska was taxed with BGN 4,900,812. We do not bother to describe the smaller, six-digit sums at all, they are duly listed in the bird sample. bg, a link to which we attached at the beginning of the material.

In the commercial presentation of the major beneficiary, it is said that “Next Level Commercial” Ltd. – Sofia is a commercial company specializing in the supply of: Contact network materials for railway and urban electric transport; Insulated power and communication cables; High amperage (from 200A up to 400A) connectors; Copper pipes and rods; Materials for the upper construction of the railway; Mechanization for the railway construction and Other materials and services related to the railway construction “Next Level Commercial” OOD – Sofia offers the full range of materials of established foreign and Bulgarian manufacturers in the area. “Next Level Commercial” Ltd. – Sofia is the exclusive representative and distributor of “La Farga Yourcoppersolutions”, “ROSOF” Ltd., “Rauscher & Stoecklin” AG, “Galland” SAS, “Gurmak demiryolu”.

How and why the Ministry of Transport allows the director of NKŽI (and current deputy minister) Krasimir Papukchiiski to sign contracts for tens of millions of BGN in favor of his daughter’s partner, is a question for which we call on the competent authorities headed by DANS and KPCONPI to give immediate response. Checking for such legally inadmissible (and having nothing to do with ethics and morals) commitments is elementary and is done with literally a few clicks of the mouse. Could it be that the eyes of the controllers were wide shut with a percentage of the transferred funds? No wonder. We remind you that in December 2021, Papukchiiski was dismissed from the post of director of the National Insurance Company of Ukraine on suspicion of deliberately rigging a tender for BGN 300 million. in favor of specific companies that wanted to benefit from the modernization of the Pernik-Radomir railway section. How and why such a person was appointed by Prime Minister Galab Donev to control transport in the Republic of Bulgaria is also very curious.

Whether the company, in addition to being a beneficiary, is also a mailbox of sorts, the NRA and the financial intelligence must say. We have data that Papukchiyski has close, trusting relations with two other key companies for the BDZ system. One is “Gigastroy”, owned by the former director of NKJI Dimitar Gaidarov, who is believed to be the “father” of our hero in terms of bad practices in the train business. The other is “Transstroy” Varna Plamen Stanimirov, who is his former employer. All unregulated gifts, or let’s be more respectful, all material incentives given as a sign of good feelings towards Papukchiiski, passed through the construction and transport mastodons in question. These gifts were intended to make him take a good look at future candidates for public procurement, concessions, framework contracts and generally for any pen from which state money may fall. According to our informants, anyone wishing to talk business with the ex-head of NKŽI had to set aside the sum of 1 million euros. No stipulations and no guarantees of results, just to be lucky enough to exchange valuable and wise thoughts with the all-powerful official.

Realizing how vague our statements sound, we would like to inform DANS, KPCONPI, and especially the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria that our sources insist that two citizens named by them be interrogated and give statements, accompanied by audio recordings, about how they were brutally blackmailed by Papukchiiski for money.

And in order to put some kind of optimistic ending to the investigation, we are obliged to praise Deputy Minister Krasimir Papukchiiski for the fact that the family is among his key priorities in life. His wife, Dr. Nadezhda Merazchieva (with whom, according to our data, they live separately) has a license from NKŽI to be responsible for disinfection in the railway transport system. A sweet operation in which a “whole basket” of state money sinks every month, while the trains are still dirty and smelly, and the stations – abandoned and gloomy. To the horror of the poor Bulgarian people, counting pennies for a train ticket.



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