A True Horror! A Stepmother Killed Her Stepson, Filmed the Boy Dying


A woman who filmed her fatally injured three-year-old stepson as he lay dying on the floor from an horrific head injury instead of calling for an ambulance has been convicted of manslaughter.

Little Harvey Borrington was found by paramedics at the family home ‘unconscious’ and ‘unresponsive’ on August 7, 2021, a court heard.

His stepmother Leila Borrington claimed the toddler had fallen off a chair and that she had filmed him moaning on the floor before calling 999 to ‘show paramedics’.

But medical experts concluded Harvey’s injuries – which included a fractured skull and fatal bleed on the brain – had been caused by repeated blows instead of a one-off fall. Several other older injuries, including a broken arm, were also found.

During a lengthy trial at Nottingham Crown Court she denied she had ever hit Harvey, but on Tuesday a jury found her guilty of manslaughter. She was acquitted of an alternative charge of murder.

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