A Mysterious Late Night Meeting: Putin Suddenly Visits Kremlin


Mystery surrounds a late night dash to the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin amid suspicions he has prepared a new televised statement on the war in Ukraine and tensions with the West.

Video shows his Aurus limousine in a late night dash to his Moscow seat of power at 23:00 on Saturday night.

His Kremlin visit immediately followed talks with Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko in St Petersburg, 440 miles away, in which he agreed to supply advanced nuclear-capable arms to the Minsk dictator.

A night of bombardment on Ukrainian cities including Kyiv from Russian warplanes using Belarus airspace followed the meeting.

Putin’s spokesman did not deny the late night dash to the Kremlin, but ruled out the purpose being a crisis meeting of top officials.

He also denied that Putin was to make an immediate emergency statement.

Peskov in a late night statement told TASS: ‘No. Everything is not like that. Everything is normal.’

Yet Peskov did not explain the purpose of Putin’s sudden visit.

Source: Telegraph


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