Belarus, a Close Ally of Russia, has Reintroduced Partial Border Controls


Belarus, a close ally of Russia, has reintroduced partial border controls with its neighboring country, according to Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik. This marks the first time in 28 years that checks have been implemented along the 770-mile border between the two nations. Aleinik stated that the border controls are intended to prevent the entry of third-country nationals into Belarus, particularly in light of an upcoming intergovernmental agreement on visa recognition.

However, human rights activists have raised concerns that the border checks may be primarily aimed at targeting Russian men who are attempting to evade mobilization into the Russian army. Aleinik, on the other hand, emphasized that the checks are being conducted by Belarusian border guards in cooperation with their Russian counterparts. He described the measures as more of a monitoring system to observe the situation at the border rather than strict control.

The reintroduction of border controls between Belarus and Russia is significant due to the historically close relationship between the two countries. Belarus has been a key ally of Russia, and this development may have implications for both regional security and the ongoing political dynamics in the region.

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