Emmanuel Macron Was the One to Ask King Charles to Cancel His Visit to France


A ‘humiliated’ Emmanuel Macron today admitted he asked King Charles to cancel his state visit to France because of ‘detestable’ nationwide rioting, looting and mass protests over his pension reforms.

Speaking in Brussels this afternoon, the French President suggested the new date for the King’s visit to France would be in the ‘early summer’ in 2023.

Incredibly security sources in Paris have tried to claim the postponement was in part because the French feared the security of King Charles could not be guaranteed ‘because of his interest in mingling with crowds’.

One British source told MailOnline this is ‘laughable’ given how much of France has descended into political chaos since Macron forced through his plans to raise the state pension age from 62 to 64 – sparking violence, crime sprees and marches in all corners of the republic.

Mr Macron has insisted that ‘common sense and friendship’ led to the ‘detestable decision for the British people and for us’, adding: ‘I think it would not be responsible and would lack some common sense if we invited His Majesty the King and the Queen Consort for a state visit in the midst of the demonstrations.

‘So, out of friendship, respect and esteem for His Majesty the King and Queen Consort, and for the British people, I took the initiative this morning to call and tell him what the situation was’, he said.

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