India’s Presidency of the G20 Group of Nations Has Faced Controversy


India’s presidency of the G20 group of nations has faced controversy as China and Saudi Arabia boycotted a meeting held in Kashmir, the first such gathering since India brought the region under direct control in 2019. The meeting, focused on tourism and attended by delegates from most G20 countries, aimed to showcase the region as safe for tourists and highlight the alleged positive impact of India’s changes in Kashmir.

The Indian government, in 2019, revoked the semi-autonomous status of the Muslim-majority region and divided it into two federal territories as part of its efforts to fully integrate it into India. Indian authorities hoped that hosting the G20 meeting in Kashmir would demonstrate peace and prosperity in the region.

However, China boycotted the meeting, citing its opposition to holding any G20 meetings in disputed territories. Pakistan, which also lays claim to Kashmir, criticized the meeting as irresponsible, even though it is not a G20 member. Other countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Indonesia, were also expected to stay away.

Critics, such as former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, accused India of using the G20 meeting as a means to promote its own political agenda and likened the situation to the Guantánamo Bay prison.

Please note that the situation may have evolved since my last update in September 2021, and it is advisable to consult reliable news sources for the latest information on this matter.

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