UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Speaks About Relationship with US


Liz Truss today vowed to make the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US ‘even more special’ amid claims of a freeze in transatlantic détente.

In an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union programme, the Prime Minister was asked about concerns in US president Joe Biden’s administration that she does not share the same belief in the special relationship as some of her predecessors in No 10.

She and Mr Biden met in the margins of the UN General Assembly last week on issues including the political breakdown in Northern Ireland and the war in Ukraine.

‘I do think our relationship is special and it’s increasingly important at a time when we’re facing threats from Russia, increased assertiveness from China,’ Ms Truss told the US broadcaster.

‘I’m determined that we make the special relationship even more special over the coming years.’

She said she is a ‘huge fan’ of the US, and added: ‘We are stepping up as an alliance to take on what is an absolutely appalling war created by (Russian president Vladimir) Putin’.

She added that the West should not listen to Vladimir Putin’s ‘sabre-rattling’ and ‘bogus threats’ to unleash his nuclear arsenal.

Last week he announced he would mobilise 300,000 reservists as Russia suffers heavy losses in its invasion.

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