Vladimir Putin is Escalating the War in Ukraine


Vladimir Putin has dramatically escalated the Ukraine war again by raising his nuclear combat readiness and bolstering his troops by 350,000 to turn the tide on his failing campaign, raising fears of a global conflict.

The war-mongering despot warned the Kremlin will invest whatever necessary to increase its nuclear arsenal and vowed his much-hyped Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles will be available to his forces within weeks.

New military units will be formed on Russia’s western borders to terrorise and scold Finland and Sweden for seeking to join NATO in the face of Kremlin aggression.

The terrifying ramp-up of the war will send a chill down the spine of Western leaders after a period of relative calm and Ukrainian advancements, raising the spectre of nuclear war breaking out in Europe which would drag in NATO.

Its timing as Volodymyr Zelensky is in the skies to Washington DC to meet with Joe Biden is a stark reminder of the possibility of the war descending into World War Three.

The US is expected to announce a huge new military support package for Kyiv, which the Kremlin has preempted with its own ambitious spending commitments.

In his speech to defence chiefs in Moscow today, Putin made a series of rare and frank concessions about his botched invasion, admitting there were ‘problems’ with his mobilisation and acknowledging vague ‘criticism’ of his military strategy.

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